Arc Pig Specifications

Rated Current
60% duty 250A
100% duty 200A
Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 5" X 10"
Input Voltage
Min to start 24 VRMS
Max 130Vpeak1
Weld Frequency
AC 0-60Hz2
DC 0-120 PPS2
Power Consumption 30W
Peak Output Voltage 12KV into 220pF.
Operating Frequency Varies with weld cables.
Typically 1-4MHz.
Suggested output cable length 8 ft.
Input Capacitance 200nF3
Enclosure Protection IP21S
Power Studs 3/8"-16
Trigger (Included)
Connector BNC
Voltage <12V peak
Current <10mA peak

1. Weld voltage above 113Vpeak is forbidden by IEC-60974. The Pig tolerates input voltage up to 180Vpeak but will refuse to spark above 130Vpeak.

2. The Pig fires 50-120 spark bursts per second. At higher input frequencies the Pig will skip cycles.

3. Input capacitance does not include startup power surge


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